At Discover Extremadura we will help you to enjoy the nature and history of a unique, untouched and mostly unknown part of Spain - Extremadura, and in particular our region, the Geopark Villuercas Ibores Jara. You can walk undisturbed for hours, watch birds, look at plants, paint or take photographs. More Discover Extremadura on facebook

Liesbeth van Vliet and Henk Zweers are the team at Discover Extremadura, along with our dog Rosco.
We are fully licensed guides, and it is our pleasure to guide you to the best places for observing flora and fauna, and to the most interesting locations in the Geopark.
To facilitate nature photographers and people who like walking is one of our main goals.

We exchanged the Netherlands for a new life in Las Villuercas. We live nearby the small village of Berzocana surrounded by spectacular nature.

The variety of nature in the area is so overwhelming that we always discover something new. This is what makes Las Villuercas so exciting for us.

Our area is an ideal starting point to visit the Geopark, birdwatching hotspots such as Monfragüe, La Serena, Arrocampo, Moheda Alta and pleasant towns such as Guadalupe and Trujillo.

Liesbeth and Henk and Rosco

We pride ourselves on the personal contact we maintain with our guests and we are always available to help you maximise the enjoyment of your stay.

old settlement in the Geopark

Las Villuercas consists for the most part of mountainous areas with different types of eco systems and different micro climates. It has well conserved Mediterranean forests, the so-called Dehesas with Holm oaks and Cork oaks, mountain rivers and, as a consequence rich natural surroundings. Much history is to be found too, as there are prehistoric rock paintings, Roman and Moorish ruins and, for example, many abandoned mines of the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Should you wish to stay overnight in the Geopark or an other wonderful location in Extremadura, please let us know. Through us you can make a reservation at no extra costs for a holiday bungalow, apartment, B&B or Hotel. In that case we give you a saving on our excursions, workshops or rental of hides.

Our excursions are exclusive and private for you or your group. This means that we tailor the excursion programme according to your wishes and our programmes are not standard, nor do we take other participants in order to make up a group. It means that we spend plenty of time for enjoying, observation or for taking photographs.

Pauze in La Serena

Our satisfaction will come from knowing that you will become as enthusiastic as we are about everything that Las Villuercas and Extremadura have to offer!

Book now for the winter 2018 - 2019 in Extremadura: great wildlife, beautiful landscapes with many colors, nice temperatures, beautiful light!
Bird photographer? Our permanent hides are located at carefully selected locations where you can work undisturbed as long as you wish and where the birds show their natural behaviour. See also our special website about hides.

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